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Shift Property Styling create beautiful homes for sale in Hobart.
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About Us


Tasmania’s most recommended property styling business.

Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Shift Property Styling (previously Shift by Design) are stylists specialising in preparing your home, display home or investment property for market and creating the wow buyers want and expect in homes.   When it comes to property styling, we believe that one generic design cannot possible suit all homes. We customise our styling aesthetic to suit the unique character of each home we work in to give it a story of its own to tell prospective buyers.   We want buyers to feel inspired, be immersed in aspirational living and fall in love with the home.   Using proven strategies, our services involve simple and cost effective recommendations to assist redefine the space within a home and improve the overall look and feel of your property. This ensures it is as presentable as possible and attracts the broadest number of potential buyers to the home.

The top 5 reasons to style your property for sale – don’t miss an opportunity to sell your property faster and for more.


Adam’s passion for all things design has developed over the years through his work in advertising, multimedia, business management and online strategy and creative development. Blending these skills with his passion for property was at the heart of Shift Property Styling’s conception. Having experienced and completed a number of renovations, Adam has also gained an ability to see the opportunities for improvement that add value to the appearance and functionality of a property. It also became apparent at many open homes viewed over time that sellers become immune to seeing the little things that potential home buyers see immediately. It is with this thought, and a desire to see other people benefit from this experience, that Shift Property Styling was born. Adam has undertaken studies in the areas of property presentation and home staging, including a course designed by International leading home staging expert, Debra Gould, of Six Elements ( through her training organisation, Staging Diva ( based in Toronto, Canada. This makes Adam Tasmania’s only internationally trained home staging property presentation expert.

Adam Luttrell

Director, Co-founder and Property Stylist

Donielle’s passion for houses and real estate stems from her desire to see the best in any home and her incredible eye for detail. Donielle possesses an insightful vision of what a room or an entire house could look like with the appropriate colour choice, placement of furniture and accessories. “Texture, colour and form are such important features of a room; they evoke emotion, create interest, set the mood and define the space.” Donielle’s ability to source and combine complementary linens, furniture and accessories has been a vital element in the growth of Shift Property Styling. Her natural ability to see a property and its features allows for a smooth and productive installation in all projects undertaken.

Donielle Luttrell

Director, Co-founder and Property Stylist

With a natural flare for interior design, Melita brings a fresh sense of styling to Shift Property Styling. Melita is a self-confessed style magazine addict with a passion for all facets of design from interiors to fashion. With her vision for contemporary spaces Melita brings a fresh, versatile and relaxed setting to all Shift Property Styling projects.

Melita Excell

Property Styling Assistant

Lisa has always been passionate about all things interior design, including being quite the artist. Her experience as a Visual Merchandiser has peaked her interest in working in the property styling industry to further her love for design and creativity. This skill set ensures she is always coming up with new and fresh ideas on how to style a home.

Lisa King

Property Styling Assistant


Property styling is more than placing a few cushions on a sofa and hanging some new artwork. Shift Property Styling create beautiful homes that appeal to the broadest market while showcasing the property to its fullest potential. We take into account the many different elements a home that a buyer looks for in order for them to walk in and fall in love with the property.

Style for sale

Rather than style for one specific taste, we identify the market for the property and style to suit the widest audience

Define Space

With each project, we create styled spaces that clearly define the room and how furniture is used in it.

Enhance Positive Features

We style around key selling features such as stunning views, a great new kitchen or a roaring fireplace to ensure they are the keys elements buyers see.

Wide Range of Furniture

We have Tasmania’s widest range of furniture to hire to suit new homes, cottage homes, coastal homes or mid century. We’ll style to suit the property.

Fully Customised Packages

We can furnish one room or a whole house. We’ll work with your budget and provide solutions to create a professional styled finish in your home.

Aspirational Living

More than anything, we create beautiful spaces that inspire buyers to want to buy the home.

Don’t  think property styling will work for you and your property? Pick up the phone and call us for a chat on 0408 744 381.