Styling tips for living in a rental property

02 Jul Decorating tips for renters

Just because you are a renter, doesn’t mean you can’t make your house feel like a home! There are plenty of creative solutions to ensure you’re maximising your space to its full potential. Here are our top tips for decorating your home whilst keeping your landlord happy.

Unfortunately not all properties are blessed with crisp white walls or polished floorboards, so a simple grey or neutral coloured sofa is the best long-term investment, will outlast design trends and work with almost any interior palette.  Keep the design of the sofa simple and classic, this will also help you outlast any trends with arm shape or design. Add pops of colour via throws, cushions, homewares, flowers and trinkets to inject personality into your home.

gold_pot Zanui_sofa Citta Design

If your landlord is strongly against repainting or nailing holes in the wall, there are plenty of other alternatives to display your artwork. 3M adhesive wall hooks are a cheap option and relatively easy to peel from the wall with minimal-to-no damage (just remember to always pull the elastic to its full stretch when removing!). Allow the hooks plenty of time to cure on the wall before hanging your art (and if you are applying in very cool temperatures, we often slightly heat the wall and hook with a hairdryer before applying to the wall). They are also best used for items that are not too heavy, so we wouldn’t suggest using them for your prized framed pieces. Always refer to the instructions for application and weigh your artwork to determine which product is right for you. For some of our larger stretched canvases we have been known to use 5 to 6 hooks for extra precaution. Always use the appropriate size for the weight of the item.

Another trend that’s been going strong is leaning a mirror or artwork against a wall propped on buffets, console tables, mantles or even the floor. For a visually interesting look, we suggest leaning and layering your artwork in a few different sizes and forming a vignette (see our post on how to create the perfect vignette). This will form a focal point for your room. To secure the base of your art, 3M removable strips are fantastic or even a narrow strip of carpet anti-slip. Just be sure to keep any leaning artwork out of reach from curious little hands!

UrbanRd1  3M_hooks Leaner Mirror

If you have those horrible standard batten light fittings on the ceiling, you can easily change and improve your light through selecting a modern, DIY batten fit light shade. These fittings do not require an electrician and they are available from lighting stores such as Beacon Lighting or even hardware chains such as Bunnings. These shades are available in a huge range of finishes from industrial metals all the way through to coastal timbers and are easily removed when you leave the property.

industrial batten Drum-batten Timber batten

Multipurpose furniture is a great solution for renters when you’re dealing with limited space. A coffee table with built-in storage or a bed with drawers underneath help you to cleverly maximise your area whilst keeping your home free of clutter. Flexible furniture such as a reversible modular sofa is also a good investment for renters as it allows you to manipulate it’s form depending on the layout of your room. An extension dining table is a great choice too seating between 4 to 6 people such as the Majime dining table from Brosa. Purchasing dining chairs such as Eames replicas means you can also use these in your bedroom or lounge room when not required at the dining table. 

Extensiontable Eames reversiblechaise

No yard? No problem. Indoor plants, potted herbs and succulents are a great way to create your own urban garden with minimal maintenance. Not only does the humble pot plant breath life and colour into your home, its also proven to reduce stress, boost creativity and improve your indoor air quality. If you’re not known as a green thumb, succulents, weekly fresh blooms or artificial plants are a great alternative! Keep your eye out for our upcoming online store – we will be stocking a range of hard-to-find and very realistic faux plants!

Plant_2 Hessian_bag PLant_1