DeWitt Street, Battery Point

Contrasting tones working beautifully together The hide rug in this room grounds everything Bedroom linen plays a big part in styling a property Desk nook styled and ready Rich timbers and blacks work so well together Tan chairs off a white table, amazing contrast So much natural light in this lounge Love the timber accent plinth on this leather sofa

About This Project

When you have spent time renovating a number of units, you want to get the best result you can when selling. Our client had no used us before this project and was wanting to achieve a high end look to attract the right buyers to the property, so we did what we do best!

The result was an incredibly quick sale, and the buyers loved the furniture so much, they purchased the whole lot!

Their new property was all ready for a complete Airbnb set up and they didn’t have to do a thing. We can provide this service to anyone who owns an Airbnb and wants a premium or mid-range look in their property to get the best rental return.

Previously lived in home, Renovated Home