George St, North Hobart

Guest bedroom styled for sale Master bedroom styled to suit existing fittings Extension on the rear of a period home This amazing rug received a lot of positive feedback Classic look for a beautiful home Natural light abounds thanks to huge windows Greenery makes a room

About This Project

After being in the rental market for a while, this property needed a little attention before the furniture was trucked in for styling. Shift arranged removal of the old rental furniture, replacement lighting, painting and then the magic with the furniture and accessories.

The time taken to prepare a home for sale is worthwhile, even if you are losing rent while the work takes place. In more cases than not, the amount lost on rental is well and truly made up for many times over in the sale price achieved.

This one was a perfect example, plenty of buyers offering a premium price as the work had been done.

Period Home, Previously lived in home, Renovated Home