Shift Property Styling take home award

Shift Property Styling wins award

14 Feb Shift Property Styling take home award

Small business is a tough environment no matter where you work, no matter what industry you work in.

To be recognised by your business peers gives you a boost that makes you push harder and work smarter towards longer term goals.

This was the case for Shift Property Styling late last year with an award win through Business East, the voice of small business on Hobart’s eastern shore.

The gold medal win for ‘Innovation and Enterprise” helped cement the place of property styling in the local community as well as acknowledge the hard work put into the development, release and survival of a new industry here in Tasmania.

Almost 9 years ago we were told by many people that the concept would not work in Tasmania and that we shouldn’t leave our jobs to take on something so bold. Well, some of those people were half right, with loads of time spent in educating the market to the benefits of property styling a home for sale, the industry now has an important role in the marketing of Hobart houses.

Our involvement in transforming the way property is marketed has seen prices improve over expectation of the real estate agent in some cases by upwards of $50 – $70k, not bad for a relatively small investment.

The award has further increased the awareness of the Shift Property Styling brand and has also shown that while start up business can take time to get traction, the market will warm to ideas that assist improve returns.