Move forward with Shift

Shift Property Styling have been emotionally connecting  people with property in Hobart since 2006. We tell a unique story about your property that people can relate with and aspire to be part of. Our team of experienced property stylists work with homes to curate customised interior styling creating beautiful rooms buyers simply fall in love with.


Our interior stylists provide the design and layout needed to make a home stand out from the rest, selling your property faster and for more.


Styling a home for sale shows off the unique benefits of your home to buyers while providing key information in relation to room usability, space definition and that all important sense of home that truly ignites the buyers passion. It transforms it from  empty rooms into an aspirational and lifestyle driven property perfect for every buyer.

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Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start in preparing your lived in home for sale. Floor layouts are often suited to living rather than selling and increased levels of furniture and possessions exist in the home. A consultation with Shift will help identify opportunities for improvement and to transform the way buyers see your home.

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