We believe in value for money and getting what you paid for. We want your experience to be one you thoroughly enjoy and takes some of the pressure off you when selling. We want to generate results for you…fantastic results!

Realistic property styling Hobart

Realistic lifestyle styling

We’ve been creating beautifully styled homes since 2006 and achieving incredible sales results for our clients.

With an impressive inventory available for us to perfectly style your vacant home, we can cover every room of your house to give amazing buyer appeal.

But it’s more than just placing furniture in the home, it’s determining who the buyer may be, what type of furniture suit the buying audience and how much of it (size and scale). It’s about reflecting a realistic lifestyle in the home, not just a bunch of rooms with multiple chairs in them.

How do we know we hit the mark with this? Because more often than not the buyer of the property contacts us for assistance in locating the same furniture we used in the styling for them to live with when they move in.

Keeping it clean

Pre-open home inspections

We’ve been offering pre-open home inspections since the day we opened the door of our business. We have always believed in standing by what we do and supporting you during our time together. Our pre-open home inspection means we’ll:

  • check on the styling to ensure everything is in order
  • switch on the lights, heater/air conditioning
  • give floor surfaces a vacuum or sweep if needed
  • leave the rooms with a fresh linen scent – all in advance of the agent turning up.

In addition, each property receives a mini hifi system with a CD to play music during inspections (and if you don’t like the CD, simple pair your phone or tablet and stream music via bluetooth).

Stunning artwork and furniture in this styling

Satisfaction guarantee

Styling a property can be a risky business. You are engaging someone to take your house and transform it for purposes of selling. You have no control over what goes into transforming the property but have to trust the experience of your stylist. So how can you fully trust us to make that happen? Easy. Having styled hundreds of homes, we are confident in offering a satisfaction guarantee on all our projects. If you alert us within 24 hours of any concerns you have with the project, we’ll work with you until you are happy with the results of the styling. Simple.


Marketing support through Facebook

Our aim is to support you even after the furniture has been put in place and styled. Once we have finished our styling, we’ll photograph the property free of charge and once your agent has uploaded your property to the internet, we’ll:

  • create a beautiful album of shots
  • mention the location of the property
  • the agent
  • the agency they work for and;
  • their mobile number to help reach out to more buyers.

Once “boosted” (at our cost) the post often reaches an audience of more than 20000 people. Not bad!

Free use of our magazine styled images for your marketing

Free use of our photos

The one thing we love is sharing the results with our clients, agents and future home sellers.

We take our own beautiful photos at the end of each installation to show just how great the property is.

Whether you use them in your marketing to reduce additional costs, or simply send them to family and friends to show what your home looks like styled, they are yours to use and do as you wish at no extra charge.