Benefits and effectiveness of Facebook marketing a property for sale

Facebook Marketing Property Styling Hobart

30 May Benefits and effectiveness of Facebook marketing a property for sale

It is has been suggested that by 2020 as much as 85% of a customer’s journey will be completed online before even engaging with a human. As such, a mobile friendly website for your business is crucial but in addition, a high number of Facebook followers for the business site provides greater exposure to potential customers.

As selling real estate is a visual process and buyers must firstly be lured into coming to inspect a property, quality photography is a must. These photos must then reach the greatest number of potential buyers.

Properties are being marketed on and the like but, posts on the property can be provided on Facebook, Pintrest, Tumbler and Instagram to increase exposure.

Facebook in particular allows for boosted photos of the property to reach up to 20,000 people who have been targeted for their interests, location, gender and age group. This is an effective and low cost marketing tool where the budget can be set to a limit.

Shift Property Styling have greater than 5.5K Facebook followers and promote each one of their styled properties to this audience and beyond. The properties are firstly promoted on Instagram at the completion of the styling with a photo taken by iPhone. At the completion of retouching hi resolution magazine quality photos of the project these are provided to the agent for use in their own online marketing but are then also shared on the Shift Property Styling Facebook page. A hero shot is published first and then the post is boosted which typically reaches up to 20,000 people. This provides a teaser shot to create interest in what they can expect next. The whole album of the project is then shared once the agent advises the property is now ready to market (albums are now not able to be boosted). This recaptures people’s attention that liked the first boosted post but statistically also reaches an additional 2K of followers.

The description of the album provides the details of where the property is located, the agent who is selling the property, their phone number and a mention of their business name.

The best results are obtained when the selling agency shares Shift Property Styling’s Facebook post to their own Facebook page. In addition, if the client uses Facebook, they are also encouraged to share the post on their own Facebook page and encourage their friends and family to do the same, essentially making the post go “viral”.

Shift Property Styling are committed to providing not only great looking properties but ensure that vendors get maximum exposure of their property too.