How to create the perfect vignette

25 May How to create the picture perfect vignette!


A vignette by definition is “a small, pleasing picture or view”. In interior design terms, a vignette refers to a small group of objects harmoniously arranged to form a beautiful display. You can create a vignette on any flat surface, such as a bookshelf, a coffee table or credenza.

Here are a few of our tips to effortlessly create your own stylish vignette:

Choose a hero piece

The idea is to have a centre point of interest, which will become the ‘hero’ of your vignette and set the overall theme. As this will be surrounded by other objects, it’s important to choose something with height and substance. A great starting point is by selecting a mirror or a piece of art that reflects your personality.


The placement of your objects are important as this is what makes a vignette visually appealing. A good rule to follow is the ‘tick’ shape. The key is to choose a tall object for one side of your hero piece and a slightly shorter object for the other side. Examples of these are a lamp for the tallest point of the tick and a vase of flowers for the shorter point of the tick.


It’s important that your display ties in with the rest of your room so pick objects that have the same or complimentary colours to the space you’re styling your in. Placing several objects of the same height and colour at one end of the vignette will look unbalanced, so spread your colour around and mix it in with neutrals.


Try to incorporate a variation of textures in your vignette such as metal finishes, natural textures like timber and concrete accents. Texture helps to create an engaging and interesting vignette that separates the items from one another.

Layers and Height

A vignette looks best when you are layering your elements in varying heights and sizes. Think two pieces of artwork in different sizes overlapping another, or books or magazines stacked on top of each other. By placing smaller pieces on top of or in front of your other objects, your vignette will have depth and look visually appealing.


Most importantly, use pieces that reflect your personality, your style or bring together items that are an important part of your life so your vignette means something to you. A vignette can be a fantastic way to create an original designed look in your home but it can take some time to get exactly right. Enjoy the experience and don’t be afraid to experiment with different pieces to get something that is perfect for you.

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