Rental property styling


Great tenants and rental returns are possible

For a rental property to gain the best return and the best tenants in the fastest time, it’s got to stand out.


Shift Property Styling understand that attracting the right people to your property is more than just the property’s location, it’s how they feel about the property when they see it.


We offer custom styling packages to tranform your property and instantly impress potential tenants. Styling your rental for inspections will also create appeal online and increase applications for your property.


We supply high quality, magazine styled images at the completion of the styling to use in your marketing at no extra cost – giving your property extra wow and allowing you to list the property for rent much faster.


And if you like what you see in the property, we can package it up for you to purchase so you can lease with the property if you wish.


Best tenant, best rental return, best option on the market – find out how you can gain a competitive advantage with Shift.


Simply call us on 0408 744 381 to find out more.



Not only can we furnish and photograph your property to attract the best tenants, we can provide expert help in the following areas through our network of professional contractors:

Minor renovation

We can ensure the property is looking great not only from a styling perspective, but also from a general presentation perspective. Perhaps updated handles, some new taps, fix that jamming door or a upgrade to the bathroom. We can arrange quote for qualified trades to complete the work for you.


It’s incredible the difference a coat of paint can make to a property in getting ready to sell or rent. A fresh look and feel gives perspective tenants the feel that the property is well looked after increasing the chances of them paying a little more at the same time.


Whether it’s a quick update, a clean up after the last tenant or perhaps you are looking for someone for regular mowing of your rental property. We can help find the right people to assist.


Is your flooring tired from a number of previous tenants wearing it down? Fresh carpeting need not be a super expensive exercise and can give amazing first impressions to those inspecting the property. We can provide quotes through our suppliers on all types of flooring to help you attract the right tenant.


Perhaps your lighting in your rental property could do with an overhaul, your may have a damaged powerpoint or maybe you are looking to adding extra heating to add value to your property, we can assist in providing electrical contractors to make the job easy and compliant.

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