Will property styling increase the value of my home?

Property Styling has an impact on selling price

07 Aug Will property styling increase the value of my home?

We are often asked one question about property styling before a client commits to getting their home furnished for sale; what difference will styling make to the selling price of my home?

It is a difficult one to answer.

We don’t exactly know the difference it makes statistically as we don’t have alternative realities to measure a home that is vacant vs a home that is styled in the same street.

What we do know is that properties we style seem to sell quicker after styling than those that are not.

We also know from evidence provided to us by real estate agents that in many instances where property styling services are engaged, the sales price often achieves well over the upper price point the property is marketed at.

This is our end goal. We want to not only create a welcoming and inviting designed space, but we want to create enquiries that lead to inspections that then lead to sales (and even better, competitive bidding).

We have seen this in recent times more and more, and we were provided a testimonial recently that goes a long way in supporting our thoughts on the impact of furnishing and styling a vacant property.

Sarah owned a property in Bellerive that she had lived in for a number of years. She had recently purchased a new property with her partner and moved into it leaving her old property vacant. With a sales range of $485,000 to $525,000 you’ll be amazed at her result:

‘I was keen to sell my house as soon as possible, as I had already bought and moved into my new home. Having done that, my old house became an empty, unappealing shell with no identity.  I had been given quotes for sale between $485,000 and $525,000.  It was at this point that I called Adam, Director of Shift by Design, (who had been highly recommended to me by a friend) to give me his opinion . Adam came up with his plan and a quote for staging my house which I was really happy with.

Days later my house was transformed into this incredibly stylish and beautiful home! It looked so stunning I almost didn’t want to sell.  It went on the market and after only one open-home I received an offer of $550,000, which went unconditional a couple of weeks later!

I have no doubt in my mind that Adam and his team effectively sold my house for me. A comparatively small initial investment resulted in a sale price that well exceeded my expectations. I will never move home again without Shift by Design. Thank you Adam!’

Aside from the profit Sarah made on selling her house styled, the thing that echoes the most is the fact that Sarah talked about the comparatively small initial investment she made to style the property.

Her investment in styling generated $25,000 above the best expected outcome yet was only around 0.5% of the actual selling price.

So rather than asking the question how much will styling generate for me, perhaps the question that should be asked is “Can I afford not to style my property for sale”.

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